About CFI/Worldco

CFI/WORLDCO INC. is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service in the areas of financial consulting for business development and planning, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate based projects by offering creative alternatives and solutions to businesses, individuals, partnerships and corporations World Wide. CFI/WORLDCO INC. consistently maintains a professional and hands on approach with our clients, assisting in your short and longterm financial needs. Furthermore, CFI/WORLDCO INC. has dedicated itself to establishing and maintaining long term relationships with all out clients, assuring continued success.


Almost every person whose objective is to raise money for their venture or Corporation's needs has the same question. Most industry professionals usually answer that question with "it will take between 60 to 180 days". A more realistic answer is "that's a good question".

The process of raising capital is not as easy as it is perceived to be. In today's financial marketplace, a comprehensive evaluation and due diligence phase must take place uncovering all the details and logistics behind your project including your management team. This alone can encompass between 30 to 120 days. However, this phase of the process will determine the viability of the project, its potential, the downside risk, and outline any contingencies. The most important element to the amount of time that this takes place is the level of preparation that has been completed prior to starting the process. It is very crucial to understand that the methods of raising capital several years ago have changed considerably and may not work in today's financial environment.

CFI/WORLDCO INC. has evolved over the past years into an International Private Corporation with access to significant financial resources on a global scale. Coupled with our highly educated and professional consultants, CFI/WORLDCO INC. has the capabilities to provide existing and potential clients with a unique and creative source of introducing business and trade financing.

The major focus in our scope of service is flexibility. CFI/WORLDCO INC. has developed a unique ability to respond to certain demands and requests within our financial community. We have achieved a level of success because of our willingness to listen, which helps our consultants appropriate certain solutions to each financial request.

To sum it all up, CFI/WORLDCO INC. is a private Corporation with a large portfolio of private lenders. Our purpose is to process funding requests Domestically & Internationally.

CFI/WORLDCO INC. is very capable of providing service and communication consistent with the highest level of standards in the financial community. We pride ourselves with excellent customer relations, which result in a high volume of repeat & referral business.

Based on our method of full disclosure, prompt response, quick turnarounds, and command of our resources, CFI/WORLDCO INC. is a leader in the world of private finance. We consider our longevity an ultimate testimony to our high integrity and quality business practices.