Commercial Real Estate

CFI/WORLDCO INC.'s Commercial Real Estate Division specializes in procuring credit oriented real estate financing which includes commercial properties, credit anchored retail, hotels/hospitality properties, multi-family/residential complexes and construction and development.

We serve the commercial real estate industry and have positioned ourselves as financial consultants for middle market companies. This is essential for the real estate market of the future where many other lenders have exited from commercial real estate finance. CFI/WORLDCO INC. consults Domestically and Internationally and prefers transactions in the $5 million to $100 million dollar range, although we may participate with larger amounts on a restricted basis.

Commercial lending standards are such that proven cash flows are heavily weighed to determine the financial stability of the project. In addition, future cash flows are taken into consideration to assess the potential value of that project. This is evaluated on discounted basis to derive the Net Present Value.

While other consulting firms are absent from the commercial real estate market, CFI/WORLDCO INC. remains committed to offering reliable service-oriented solutions in proven real estate niches.